Wedding colour inspiration

15 April 2021  |  Admin

When you begin your wedding planning, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing a wedding colour scheme. The colour scheme will define the dresses, the suits, the decoration and will ultimately set the tone for the entire day. Here at Charles Class we offer an abundance of wedding colour inspiration to guide you through the most popular wedding colours for dresses and suits as well as accessories, how they compliment and work together and the meaning of each colour. Some colours may work with certain venues and others not or the season you are getting married may also influence the colour you choose.

Grey Colour Palette

Grey is by far a popular shade due to it's stylish and modern appearance. It is also a practical colour for suits as it combines with so many other colours. Many shades are formed by grey including light grey, mid grey and charcoal grey. Grey works with many colours including pink, green, lilac, navy, orange and red. For boys suits the main colour should be grey with the accent of the co-ordinating colour.

When it comes to dresses, the accent colour should be the lightest colour eg ivory or white with the grey added to which could be a sash or faux flower. Grey is an all year round colour and does not follow a season to define when it can be worn.

Navy Colour Palette

Navy is a standout and strong shade with it's sleek and polished appearance. Navy offers maturity and ultimate style and therefore works well with either vibrance or soft shades. Vibrant shades that best work with navy are hot pinks, vivid purples, reds and royal blues. Soft shades to compliment navy are baby pinks, champagne, ivory and silvers.

Black Colour Palette

Black is one of the true classic colours and will be forever iconic. A traditional and formal look, black works well with golds, reds and other contrasting colours. Black is a colour of elegance or class. Black also represents power, wealth, mystery, depth, and best of all, sheer style. Our boys black suits offer formality and one of our girls dresses with a contrasting black sash will carry a sense of sophistication.

Blue Colour Palette

Blue is a great choice for wedding colour schemes with it's fresh appearance. Blue shades can vary from pale and sky blues that offer a fresh and cool appearance to more vivid empowering shades like electric blue and royal blue. Blue represents calmness and peacefulness. Blue also symbolises stability, security and lifelong loyalty.

Pink Colour Palette

A pink wedding colour palette is a popular choice that looks best with contrasting colours like grey, silver and navy. There are a variety of pinks including pale pink, baby pink and flamingo pink at the lighter end to strong vivid pinks like hot pink, cerise pink and fuchsia pink. Pink represents love and symbolises a delicate colour that means romantic, feminine, affectionate and intimate.

Rustic Colour Palette

A rustic colour palette derives from deep reds, burnt oranges, forest greens and browns. These colours define Autumn and this is normally the season when these colours are best used. Vintage style weddings will be enriched with tweed and twine to give a rustic countryside setting using natural or nature inspired elements. To coordinate with rustic colours, contrasts of cornflower blues, lavender lilacs and peachy pinks will create an illusion of femininity against the rugged rustic palette.

Pastels Colour Palette

Pastels are soft ambience shades of baby pinks, sky blues, lilacs and soft mint greens. Pastel colours immediately create a sense of romance and delicate touches and can be worked with throughout the year. When incorporating pastel colours with the wedding attire, a gentle pastel coloured tie and handkerchief can be added to his suit for instant charm and a soft pastel sash added to her dress for an endearing look.

Citrus Colour Palette

A citrus colour scheme is filled with shades of orange, lime and yellow. A citrus palette brings an essence of fun and vibrance and these colours are normally used at spring / summer weddings when the sun is bright. Citrus colours work well when combining with golds, bright pinks and brilliant whites. There is no limit when using fresh citrus colours as the brighter the better.

Floral Colour Palette

A floral colour palette of green, yellow and soft browns are usually best placed in Spring. Floral shades are inspired by nature to coordinate with other aspects of the wedding and can give a feeling of bringing the outside in.