'Tis the Wedding Season for Tweed

13 November 2021  |  Admin

'Tis the wedding season for Tweed

During the AW season, tweed is by far a popular choice for weddings, bringing an authentic rustic feel and also keeping us nice and warm during the cooler months.

Tweed is crafted with wool blends and can be made in many different patterns and styles from classic herringbone to check.

Here at Charles Class, our heritage collection of tweed suits and accessories are very popular for children so here we have an inspirational guide on the types of tweed we have to offer in different weaves.

Types of Tweed

Herringbone Tweed

Herringbone tweed, also called broken twill weave, is a V-shaped weaving pattern and a very popular cloth for suits.

Herringbone Tweed | Tweed at Weddings | Tweed

Check Tweed

Check tweed can be made up of primary stripes or overcheck to form either small or large checks in the weave.

Striped tweed is made up of contrasting vertical striped colours, to give a striking effect. Overcheck tweed gives both vertical and horizontal stripes, normally in contrasting colours, to make smaller checks, to give an eye-catching effect.

Check Tweed | Tweed at Weddings | Tweed

Tweed Wedding Wear


Our tweed suits are available in both herringbone and check.

The Hunter and Francis suit in brown herringbone is a classic style and one of our best sellers, for it’s popular colour and AW rustic feel. The Cooper and Rupert suit in grey herringbone is a firm favourite of Charles Class given it's contemporary colour and style yet still providing a traditional look.

The Hickman and Dudley suits with subtle overchecks are a traditional classic, giving a true rustic feel.

Boys Tweed Suits | Wedding Tweed | Twed


Contemporary tweed suits are made up of a plain wedding suit with a tweed waistcoat and tie, creating the Peaky Blinders look with a traditional yet modern take on today’s style of wedding suit.

Modern Tweed Suits | Tweed at Weddings | Tweed


Tweed flat caps and newsboy caps have been a classic for many years but have become very popular in recent times thanks to the BBC series Peaky Blinders. A tweed cap will really make him stand out from the crowd. Available here on our website in both herringbone and check.

Tweed Flat Caps | Peaky Blinders | Tweed


Tweed dickie bows will compliment a contemporary wedding suit when you just want to add the finishing touch. Made with 100% wool in a houndstooth pattern, tweed dickie bows are the ultimate in wedding suit accessories during AW.

Tweed Dickie Bows | Tweed at Weddings | Tweed