Styles of boys wedding suits

1 April 2021  |  Admin

When choosing a style of a boys wedding suit, there are many considerations that need to take place for example the role they are taking will decide on the suit they need to wear or if you wish for them to coordinate with the groomsmen. Here at Charles Class we offer the following ultimate guide to the styles you can choose for a boys wedding suit to help with your planning.

Page Boy Suits

A page boy suit is generally a 4 or 5 piece suit either with braces, a waistcoat or a jacket. Page Boys can follow the colour theme of the bridesmaids dresses with a matching bow tie or become a mini version of the groomsmen with colour coordinated suits. Browse our Page Boys Suits collection for style inspiration.

Page Boy Suits | Wedding Suits for Page Boys | Boys Wedding Suits

Tail Coat Suits

A boys tail coat suit is the most formal of suits creating a look of elegance. Tail coat suits, also known as morning suits due to the time they should be worn, are tailored in keeping with a formal dress code. Boys at any age can wear a tail coat to coordinate with groomsmen who are dressed in top and tail. Tail coat suits generally come in black, grey or navy as these colours offer a sleek and polished look. Browse our Tail Coat Suits collection for style inspiration.

Boys Tail Coat Suits Wedding Morning Suits Boys Wedding Tail Suits

Shorts Suits

A boys shorts suit is a sure favourite for spring / summer weddings primarily to keep them cool on a warm day. Casual linen shorts suits are perfect for beach and outdoor weddings whilst formal shorts suits add a smart touch to more traditional weddings. Browse our Boys Shorts Suits collection for style inspiration.

Boys Shorts Wedding Suits Summer Wedding Short Suits

Tweed Suits

Boys tweed suits are the perfect attire for rustic or vintage themed weddings, creating a sharp heritage look. Crafted with wool blend fabrics, tweed suits are simply timeless and are of a quintessential British style for page boys, mini ushers and wedding guests. Browse our Boys Tweed Suits collection for style inspiration.

Boys Tweed Wedding Suits Boys Rustic Style Suits

Slim Fit Suits

Boys slim fit suits have become the most popular style in the last few years as they offer a smart and flattering fit whilst still allowing comfort. Slim fit suits represent a modern twist on classic tailoring - the jacket sits close on the waist and shoulders, tapering out at the hips for a silhouette look whilst the trousers are slim cut to suit every shape. Browse our Boys Slim Fit Suits collection for style inspiration.

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