Let's talk Autumn Weddings

20 September 2021  |  Admin

Let's talk ... Autumn Weddings! The natural backdrop of falling leaves and early morning sunshine is ever so beautiful so here we have autumnal inspiration about colours & venue decor for these endearing months.

Autumn Colours

Colours in Autumn generally consist of rich tones like dark red and burnt orange. These beautiful colours are not only endearing but also bring a rustic feel to the day. There are many more colours that suit autumn weddings that when combined, bring a touch of autumnal romance with a modern twist. Choose autumnal colours for both your scheme and your wedding wear to allow them to flow and consist with the natural backdrop of autumn.

Top colours for Autumn weddings:

Autumn Wedding Orange Shades | Orange Dress | Orange Suit

Orange - shades of orange are perfect for autumn as this colour compliments the natural backdrop of the leaves falling from the trees. Style with shades of yellow and brown for an authentic rustic feel.

Autumn Wedding Dark Hue Shades | Burgundy Dress | Red Suit

Dark Hues - dark hues including deep red and burgundy defines the autumn season and creates a rustic colour palette for all tastes. Styling with ivory, copper or rose gold will add a touch of glamour.

Autumn Wedding Navy Shades | Navy Dress | Navy Suit

Navy - classed as a strong shade, navy is the perfect colour to style with softer shades for a sleek appearance like peach, pale pink and dusky pink. Navy also works well with copper shades.

Autumn Wedding Grey Shades | Grey Dress | Grey Suit

Grey - grey shades are classed as one of the most popular colours for weddings and when teamed with pinks and golds, this brings an autumnal presence with a modern appearance.

Autumn Wedding Gold Shades | Gold Dress | Gold Suit

Gold - shades of gold including old gold, marigold and champagne are perfect for autumn weddings and compliment with the falling leaves. Gold shades instantly bring a touch of rustic glamour.

Autumn Wedding Hunter Green Shades | Green Dress | Green Suit

Hunter Green - the endearing shade of hunter green and forest green pairs perfectly with pale pinks, light golds and browns and is becoming very popular over the years for its deep rich appearance against an outdoor natural autumn backdrop. 

Autumn Wedding Emerald Green Shade | Green Dress | Green Suit

Emerald Green - the shade of emerald green is best styled with shades of blue, ivory, plum and white as these bring out the essence of the colour for an autumnal look.

Autumn Venue Dressing

Dressing a venue in the Autumn with beautiful lantern candles, leaves & rich tone drapes will bring a woodland feel to your reception, to take the outside in.

Hessian & twine are widely used when dressing a venue in the autumn. Create favours with glass jars and twine around the lid. Drape hessian around chairs and wood centre pieces.

Look at woodlands during the autumn months and be inspired by forest treasures like pinecones, acorns and conkers to decorate the tables. Add scents of apple, orange and cinnamon for the ultimate autumn look and smell.

Add colourful dried flowers, golden leaves and twigs to your interior decor for the rustic touch.

Fairy lights with warm tones will create a stunning effect against autumn finds. Cosy glow lighting on the tables will give an autumnal wedding look.