Size Guides

Our size guide information page is here to provide helpful advice to help you choose the correct sizes from our range. If you need advice on measurements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note: All measurements provided for any item(s) on this site are of the product and not the body. Please bear this in mind if you take measurements of your child's body, as you will need to allow extra for movement.

Boys Suits

Our suits have a size guide next to the size drop down list. We provide an extensive range of measurements for the suits to enable you to check and compare with the boys current clothing. We recommend that measurements are checked as children of average size may be in a smaller size than their actual age.

Girls Dresses

As with our suits, all dresses have a size guide next to the size drop down list. Wherever possible, we have stated in the description of each dress if it is a tea length, ballerina length, full length or floor length. This helps when you are checking and comparing measurements against the child.

Our made-to-order designer dresses are made exactly to the measurements as shown. If measuring the body, you need to allow the 1" ease in the dress, (eg. if the child has a 20' chest, she will need a 21" dress chest). All Busy B's Bridal dresses can also be made to your own specifications. Please see individual items for more details.

Boys & Girls Shoes

All sizes stated are UK unless otherwise stated. All measurements shown for shoes will be of the inside sole, outside sole, and recommended age group. If you measure the insole of a shoe the child currently wears, then compare with the size guide to find the matching measurement to choose the size.


Sock sizes are always made by manufacturers based on the child's shoe size. If a child is currently wearing an infant size 2, they'll need 0-2.5 socks (recommended age 0-12 months). If a child is currently wearing a junior size 1, they'll need 12.5-3.5 (recommended age 7-10 years). All socks have a size guide next to the size drop down list.

Top Hats

Measurements for top hats should always be taken of the child's head circumference and compared with the top hat's size guide. A recommended age is given for each size but as each child will vary in size, it is strongly recommended that measurements are taken to avoid disappointment.

Other Items

All other items on our website will either show a measurement of the product in the item description or will have their own size guide next to the size drop down list.